Picturing a Perfect Father

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Dads love the ties and socks and the handprint candy dishes, but the love that goes into the gift is what matters. We asked United Methodist dads what they treasure and want most on Father’s Day. View more at umc.org/videos Read the Terms of Use Script: Jeremy Strait, Assistant Director of Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center Dowling, Michigan: “They run up and scream ‘Daddy!’ when I walk in the door from work. They give me hugs. I find little cards and notes placed...

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Seeking Proof: The Doubter’s Guide to Understanding Easter

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When it came to going to church, my family growing up was made up of CEOs—Christmas and Easter Onlys. Attending a house of worship was viewed like cough medicine: good for what ails you, but don’t make a habit of it. When I entered college, my circle of friends at Baptist Campus Ministries at the University of Alabama ran the gamut of Christian experience, and many were children of preachers and missionaries. They had already forgotten more about their faith than I had ever...

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