Sunday, July 12, 2020, Pastor Jenny Hallenbeck Orr[0]=AZXe_0DAX3lLtoKiWBGfkAGpBXS0Z-PsGbgwF0EFlJmx6-bJA4BhDGwoeAcz_f7m5_9j6Ts0g_Cr0Q174XbVgfWU3ep2agW4gsDa_xsLt4KgWqUt37yiASIpjMG-jZOrU-bQh28u-AeEZHXEAE1_a_wnNY7vzHcordhjuGbQcfdhCU1cp-HVB3SfL1N7ZF5Cn74ILDrEUxOL5LQyGALRUH8q8JKGU4_p1NDd6FJtAvGfKQ&tn=-UK-R

Dearest Ethan UMCers,For some unknown reason, the worship video for this morning did not go live via the Facebook Premiere function as I had planned for it to do! Though I checked and rechecked the time I set it to go live, it’s entirely possible I accidentally selected 8:30 PM, rather than 8:30 AM. (So, who knows? It might go live at 8:30pm Sunday evening…ha.) At any rate, the same video posted to the Alexandria UMC page at 10:00am this morning. The link is here and I pray God finds you in a meaningful way as you join in this time of worship. – Pastor Jenny Hallenbeck Orr