April 9, 2020 Devotional ~ Prayers of Lament (Psalm 13) Pastor Jordan Louks


Hello, All! Here is our Thursday devotional. Today’s topic is prayers of lament. It is so vital for us to be authentic with God in prayer. Lament is a very important part of that, especially during times of crisis like this.

Reminders: There is a Family Table Meal liturgy available in a different post on our Facebook page for today, Maundy Thursday. Good Friday worship will be tomorrow @ 5:00 pm on Facebook. An order or worship will be uploaded shortly. Easter worship will be on Sunday @ 9:00 am on Facebook. Hope you will join us for all of these wonderful “gatherings.”

We gather together tonight, as Jesus and the disciples did so long ago, around the table. Just as they ate and talked together, so too will we. There is something amazing that happens when we fellowship and eat together – God always shows up. So, this worship will be a bit different from normal worship services, in that we are not at church. But also, we will eat in the middle of it, during it, through it. For just as Christ calls us to remember Him in the breaking of the bread, and the sharing of the drink, we remember, give thanks, and praise Him tonight around the table.  Let us worship together.

Opening Prayer:  (should be read responsively – one person starting, the remainder responding with “blessed be your name”).

Loving One who tends creation, blessed be your name.
With all praise and adoration, blessed be your name.
You have brought us here, together, bound us in one heart forever, in your mercy, failing never.               Blessed be your name.

Jesus, filled with great compassion, blessed be your name.
Feed us truth, our lives refashion, blessed be your name.
In this bread we give each other, mother, father, sister, brother, make us one with all who suffer.             Blessed be your name.

Break bread and give it to one another saying “Jesus said, ‘Remember me in the breaking of the bread’”. 

Spirit, breathing life through water, blessed be your name.
Cleanse and keep each son and daughter. Blessed be your name.
In the pouring, glasses clinking, in refreshment we are drinking, may we feel our interlinking.                     Blessed be your name.

Pour water from the common pitcher to serve one another saying “We are bound together in the water that washes us and refreshes us. Remember what God has done”. 

Triune God, Eternal, Holy, blessed be your name.
You bless all, the high and lowly. Blessed be your name.
Grateful for the meal before us, raise we up our voice in chorus, knowing always you are for us.                Blessed be your name.

Meal (Please feel free to have whatever meal you wish at this time). 

Reflection: The reading is offered three times, with substantial pauses between readings.
During the first reading, listen for what image or words most capture your attention.
During the second reading, ask God to show you what to do with that.
During the third reading, decide what you will do.
After the third reading, share at your table what you will do in response to what you have heard