Picturing a Perfect Father

Dads love the ties and socks and the handprint candy dishes, but the love that goes into the gift is what matters. We asked United Methodist dads what they treasure and want most on Father’s Day.

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Jeremy Strait, Assistant Director of Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center Dowling, Michigan: “They run up and scream ‘Daddy!’ when I walk in the door from work. They give me hugs. I find little cards and notes placed under my pillow or in my Bible. I love making memories with each of them.”

Russell Southall Sr., Member, Taylor Memorial UMC in Oakland, California: “The only thing that Daddy really wants on Father’s Day is a hug and a kiss from his sons, to hear the words, ‘Daddy, I love you,’ and to spend time with them.”

The Rev. Laszlo Khaled, Szolnok UMC in Szolnok, Hungary, “I am happy when I can see my family in several services in the church, among the other children or families, because they want to take part!”

“The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice;
he who begets a wise son will be glad in him.” –Proverbs 23:24 (NRSV)

What do dads really want this Father’s Day?

Apelu Po’e, Mount Zion and Martins Chapel United Methodist Churches, Springfield, Tennessee: “There is no greater joy for a father than to see his children walking in the light of the Lord.”

The Rev. Howard Grinager (Retired), Parker, South Dakota: “I appreciate their calling and letting me know that they love me but for them to do something for me is for them to do something for someone else, especially someone in need.”

Jun Rivera, Member, Hendersonville (Tenn.) First United Methodist Church: “What I expect really during this Father’s Day is of course good health for all of us in the family, especially my children and grandchildren and all of us.”

The Rev. Tom Petersen, Olivet and Scotland United Methodist Churches, Olivet, South Dakota: “My youngest daughter made a card all on her own. She was about four, I think. The spelling was atrocious, the drawing was worse, and it’s one that I’ve kept forever.”

Hector Costilla-Diaz, District Superintendent, Mexico: “The best gift we can get as a father is the respect of our families. I have been given ties and wallets and other gifts, but the heart that you give the gift with is what matters the most.”